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The Write Away

. . . where ideas take flight

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Our goal is to develop strong ties between writers through writing, critiquing, and good spirit.
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It all began with a challenge.

The Moderators of plagiarismhaven put out a notice calling their members to get together and create a new sister community to host their own work. A storm of comments followed and from its ashes rose The Write Away.

The moderators of TWA are:

Addy (evenafterdeath), Kait (chasingvertigo), Kristen (oddityunnamed),
Marissa (beautiful_lie09), Nat (silverbulletx), & Naty (definevintagexx).

This community is a place for our members to post their work for others to read, critique, and help improve it. It is a safe place for authors to share their work without worrying about plagiarism, and to make friends and connections while doing so. Here at TWA we encourage constructive criticism, and are dedicated to providing quality feedback for our authors.

We are now closed. New members are not accepted and new work will no longer be approved. However, this community will remain on LJ for our current members to access.

Questions? PM our joint mod account (navigation bar on this page) if you have an LJ account. We also have a new chatroom here if you would like to ask us questions. Both anonymous and signed questions are welcome in the chatroom. If we don't answer, just ask again.

Us on Twitter: The Write Away | Addy | Kait | Nat | Naty

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